Cool Videos: A 90-minute review of Attack of the Clones

You may have caught the epic PHANTOM MENACE review posted over seven videos on YouTube. It was originally though to be the work of an overly-obsessive fan, then perhaps just a comedian playing a part but eventually it turned out to be a little mix of the two. The PHANTOM MENACE review went on to almost 2 million views and many fanboys anxiously awaited when the so-called Mr. Plinkett would release his review of ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Well wait no longer. The CLONES review is even longer (spanning nine YouTube videos) and is pretty much what you'd expect. I'll embed the first part of the review below (for some reason, part 1 was removed by YouTube, so we updated to Part 2) and then you can check the related videos to watch the remaining eight segments.

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Extra Tidbit: I'll admit to cheering during Yoda's lightsaber battle in the movie theater.
Source: YouTube



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