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Cool Videos: Arnold's brilliant Total Recall commentary


As everyone is leaving for Thanksgiving, there's not all that much news to be had, so I thought you would appreciate this video featuring the lovable Arnold Schwarzenegger missing the point of DVD commentary.

A lot of fans love special edition DVDs as they can listen to the actors and director describe the various scenes in greater detail, elaborating on what went into making that moment or shooting that scene. But when you tell Arnold to comment on TOTAL RECALL?

His version of DVD commentary is simply telling you what's happening, as it's happening. Not terribly informative, but it manages to be probably the best commentary track I've ever heard. The below is a supercut of the best moments from the TOTAL RECALL DVD, and yes, it's all real.

Extra Tidbit: And then I was all like "BALUGAHGH! I NEED AIR." And it's funny because I do not have the air.
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