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Cool Videos: Awesome short film Bear from director Nash Edgerton and starring Teresa Palmer


Sundance is a wonderful place for big movies to premiere, indies to get distribution, and short films to get recognized. One of the buzzed about films comes courtesy of Nash Edgerton, brother to Joel Edgerton. The stuntman and director may not be known as well as his brother here in the US, but he has worked extensively on projects like THE MATRIX, THE THIN RED LINE, SUPERMAN RETURNS, and STAR WARS EPISODE II and III.

This short, BEAR, is a 10 minute dark comedy about a man trying to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. But, his plan, which involves a realistic bear costume and balloons, goes horribly awry. Check it out.

I love a good dark comedy and this little piece fits the bill perfectly. Speaking of a little piece, anyone else enjoy that sideboob from Teresa Palmer? Hot damn.

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