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Cool Videos: Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones turns the show into a theme park comedy


If you've never witnessed the hilarious absurdity of the Bad Lip Reading videos, then this is a tremendous place to pop your cherry, especially if you're a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones. The twist for this entry in the BLR series takes the beloved HBO show and repackages it as a theme park comedy, which works surprisingly well. The dialogue is mostly ridiculous and oftentimes brilliantly funny, as is usually the case for BLR videos. Just when you think they've jumped the shark they pull you back in...with a well-executed fart scene of course. Witness your favorite Game of Thrones characters reduced to odd comedic characters in this BLR rendering entitled Medieval Land Fun-Time World and prepare for a few hearty laughs at the least.


HBO's Game of Thrones, probably the best show on television, is currently shooting its fourth season to return in 2014.

Extra Tidbit: I am game for a BLR of Breaking Bad. Any takers?
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