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Cool Videos: Batman battles Deadpool in this great live action fight scene


The good folks at Machinima started a nice series of live action fight scenes back in May with Superman fighting Thor. While the production values were good, the video didn't really do much for me. But, this new video is absolutely awesome.

This time, the Marvel vs DC battle is between Batman and Deadpool. While we have all been dying for Deadpool to be handled correctly (ahem, X-MEN ORIGINS), this is the closest I have seen featuring live action. The video starts with the Merc with the Mouth ogling a very buxom Catwoman before The Dark Knight busts in to save the day. While the fight itself is decent, it is hearing Deadpool's dialogue that makes this so great.

This is a great little video and gives me hope that once the Deadpool movie finally happens that we will be getting the character as well done as this.

Source: Machinima



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