Cool Videos: Batman learns the wrong lessons from Deadpool's success


Much has been made about DEADPOOL's success as an R-rated superhero with everyone weighing in on what lessons Hollywood should take from the film's opening and what they should really not misinterpret. So much weight has been put on the idea that R-rated comic book flicks should be a regular thing now, without any regard for whether or not it makes sense for the characters that type of approach would be applied, that it makes you wonder how quickly this whole thing could go bad... you know, like when studios decided all superhero films should be "dark and gritty," because THE DARK KNIGHT did phenomenal business and they wanted to copy some of that action, too.

It appears Batman has his own ideas about capitalizing on entering into the realm of R-rated cinema, and this has nothing to do with the director's cut rating that BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE will be getting when it hits home media. Nope, this is all about The Warp Zone showing dollar signs in the Caped Crusader's eyes as he imagines the possibilities of what a R-rating could mean for him... and the lessons we should maybe take away from the fact that DEADPOOL was its own unique thing.

Source: The Warp Zone



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