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Cool Videos: 25 actors before they were famous and the 25 greatest unscripted scenes in film


Today, we bring you a two-fer of video coolness!

If you've ever wanted to see some of your favorite (and not so favorite) actors and actresses before they were famous, YouTuber 'pleatedjeans' has compiled a fun 3-minute video showcasing 25 actors and their often forgotten (and sometimes embarrassing) beginnings. Sarah Jessica Parker, whoa!

Meanwhile, 'mewlists' has put together a very cool list of the 25 greatest unscripted movie scenes (though "improvised" is probably a much better word to describe how these actually came to be). As the video will note, be sure to keep the YouTube annotations on for a brief explanation of how exactly the improvisation in each scene occurs.

If you see a cool video online you think would be perfect for this spotlight, drop us a line at [email protected].

Extra Tidbit: Got a favorite that either of these videos missed? Let us know below (and link it if you can find it)!
Source: Vulture/Film



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