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Cool Videos: Bill Murray gives the best autographs


If you ever get the chance to meet Bill Murray and ask him for his autograph, be prepared to get more than a signature on a piece of paper.

A group of friends happened upon Mr. Murray and asked him to sign something to which he said no. Instead, he decided to film a slow motion walk down a hallway with them to use in a short film. On top of that, he insisted they do the slow motion on set and not in post production so that they could all behold the awesomeness together.

The video of Murray and the guys was then edited together in the style of his frequent collaborator and MOONRISE KINGDOM director, Wes Anderson. The weirdly awesome.

The legend of Bill Murray grows weirder with each passing year. Hopefully he thinks of a way to outdo this for the next set of adventurous movie buffs that happen upon him.

Source: Badass Digest



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