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Cool Videos: Britney Spears takes a Poo Cocktail in this Jackass deleted scene


Johnny Knoxville is out making the rounds and promoting JACKASS 3.5, which debuts online this Friday, and he showed up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with an interesting bit of footage. Turns out Britney Spears showed up to the set of JACKASS 3D while they were filming and was willing to take part in a little stunt. The Poo Cocktail Supreme.

First watch the video (count how many times Knoxville says "Yeah!" as a bonus little game) and then we'll talk on the other side about the clip.

So while it's true that Spears was on set hanging with the boys and would appear to be taking part in the stunt, it looks like she was just sitting in a stationary port-a-potty while they splashed some water on her and edited it together with clips of Steve-O's now infamous Poo Cocktail. But still, a fun little addition to the JACKASS canon.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel



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