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Cool Videos: Bruce Campbell Auditions for Famous Geek Movies


EVIL DEAD was when I first fell in love with Bruce Campbell. Well, actually it was Ash that I fell in love with but they’re basically one in the same. Campbell has a boomstick in real life, doesn’t he?

If you are a Campbell enthusiast like myself then you would likely watch anything the man does. The legend. His grooviness. What if you could see the actor tackle some great characters from “Geek Movies”? They aren't all necessarily geeky but that said-- Would he be a great Bane? Or what about General Zod? The Wizard World Comic Con people put together a little audition of sorts for Campbell to get him to read lines from some of your favorite movies. How did he do? Well, he was Bruce.

What “geeky” role do you think Campbell would be perfect for?

Extra Tidbit: The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN one is my favorite.
Source: HuffPo



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