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Cool Videos: Check out a brand new 2D animated Mickey Mouse cartoon


Mickey Mouse has been an icon since his inception in the STEAMBOAT WILLIE cartoon back in 1928. In recent years, Mickey has been delegated to the 3D animated world in his Disney Channel series MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE. But, Mickey will be returned to his 2D roots in a new series of shorts set to air on Disney Channel beginning on June 28, 2013.

While this first of 19 shorts, titled "Croissant de Triomphe", follows the Oscar winning 2D short PAPERMAN, Disney has no plans in the near future for any feature length hand drawn films. Since the big money makers tend to be CGI movies from Pixar and Dreamworks, it is no surprise that 2D remains a television format. So, while we can hope to see some classic style animation in theaters, it will likely not come from the House of Mouse.

Until then, enjoy this retro Mickey Mouse masterpiece.

Source: The SlantedFilmonic



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