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Cool Videos: Check out this sweet Godzilla vs Pacific Rim fan-made trailer


Godzilla throwing down with the Jaegers from PACIFIC RIM sounds cool, however if a sequel to Guillermo Del Toro's film isn't going to happen, a crossover movie is even less likely. But at least we have this cool "PacZilla" fan-made mashup trailer. Movieclips did a great job creating a trailer for the fictional movie using clips from PACIFIC RIM and Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA, although "PacZilla" is kind of a silly name for it. "Godzilla vs Jaeger" sounds slightly better in my opinion, although it does make it seem as if the film would be about the kaiju entering a drinking competition.

Puny Jaeger, you are no match for the King of Monsters!

It's an awesome trailer, but the video below is still my favorite fan-made project involving both PACIFIC RIM and GODZILLA.

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Source: Movieclips



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