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Cool Videos: Chris Farley/Rob Ford Mashup Video


I'm sure most of you have seen the news about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. He's the guy who openly admitted to smoking crack, getting drunk, threatening someone's life, and making colorful comments about oral sex to the press (VERY NSFW). All of this while still remaining Toronto's mayor! Since then he's been stripped of his power but is a constant source of comedy for the media.

One thing that everyone has been saying amidst this whole debacle is that a parody of Ford would have been an ideal job for the late Chris Farley. Currently Bobby Moynihan is doing his best attempt on SNL but we all know that Farley would have nailed it. His brother Kevin even went on Twitter to make the exact same comment:

So here's the video (NSFW by the way) you never knew you always wanted: a mashup of Farley in various projects along with Ford just being Ford. It's pretty great.

Source: A.V. Club



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