Cool Videos: Darren Aronofsky on how he became a filmmaker

"I went into college having no clue what I was going to do with my life."

There's an indescribable comfort in hearing those words come from someone who's become an undeniable master of their craft.

In the video below, writer/director and JoBlo.com fave Darren Aronofsky (BLACK SWAN) talks about the things that led him to become a filmmaker. And no doubt, watching featurettes like this are always a bit edifying as well as inspirational for those of us with a keen desire in wanting to pursue our own artistic endeavors. The video is only under 10-minutes long and definitely a good watch for anyone with an interest in the subject and/or the man himself.

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Extra Tidbit: Favorite Aronofsky film? For me, it's nearly impossible to say, but I can't deny the great love I have for his first feature PI.



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