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Cool Videos: Doug - The Movie


We all know that every property that we loved as a child will be turned into a movie some day, and therefore a DOUG film will probably be announced within the year. But before Hollywood has their go, some amateur filmmakers wanted their shot at it, and so we have this four minute trailer for a feature length DOUG.

It takes place when Doug comes home from college and finds a lot of things different in his hometown. It's pitched like an indie drama where people run a lot and The Shins or something like it plays in the background. I for one appreciated it, and just now realized that Skeeter was supposed to be black.

If for no other reason, it's worth watching to live out a boyhood fantasy by watching Patti Mayonnaise run while wearing a tank top, so definitely check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: Michael Cera will totally be Doug won't he? Sigh.
Source: DrCoolSex



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