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Cool Videos: Drive gets animated


I consider DRIVE one of the best underrated movies of the year that everyone should check out if they haven't. It's the slowest of slow burns, but a crime thriller that you just don't see these days, and an expertly made film all around.

It's already spawned a devoted fanbase, and two creative souls have decided to see what it might look like if Drive was animated. Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoku made the video below, and after it's over, you'll wish it was longer than a minute.

Check it out for yourself, and go get your hands on the film if you missed it the first time around. You'll forget all about Gosling's rainstorm kisses in THE NOTEBOOK ,that's for sure.

tribute to drive from tom haugomat & bruno mangyoku on Vimeo.

Extra Tidbit: I thought the pauses in conversation were a BIT drawn out to the point of awkwardness sometimes, but otherwise the slow burn was fantastic.
Source: Vimeo



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