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Cool Videos: DrunkenNES - The Breathalyser Video Game!


Combine the old school appeal of Nintendo with the art of getting your drank on, and you might end up with something like "DrunkenNES: The Breathalyser Video Game"!

No doubt spawned from an inebriated stupor, electrical engineer Andrew Reitano has created a video game in "DrunkenNES" that basically takes the ol' 'blow into the cartridge' bullshit we all loved to hate and makes it the game's primary control that actually measures your level of, well... drunkeness! You can read all about Reitano's creation process RIGHT HERE.

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Extra Tidbit: Don't drink and drive, guys. Even in video games. Seriously! A buddy of mine literally passed out while driving a car in GTA IV, leading to poor Niko Bellic flying out the window into a cavalcade of oncoming cars. Sure, it was one of the most hilarious things ever, but still.
Source: Badass Digest



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