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Cool Videos: Enter the Void's Gasper No directs a video for Nick Cave

Jan. 4, 2013by:

Kind of a bad ass team up. Enter the Void's Gasper No was hired to direct the video for Nick Cave's "We No Who U R". However, the outcome seems a little underwhelming. It's basically Cave's shadow walking around in the woods for 4 minutes, which actually would have been better for this song.

Regardless, I think Cave is pretty f*cking fantastic. Not only are his own projects amazing, but he is a fantastic writer whether it's for film (THE PROPOSITION, LAWLESS), novels, or scores (THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD, THE PROPOSITION). One of the YouTube comments for the video hit the nail on the head-- "Slendermen". I really enjoy the song though. You can never go wrong with anything Cave.

It seems that someone got so inspired by the latest trailer that they decided to do a sweded version of it. Dust Films Originals put together their own homage to the footage, and it came out quite funny. Check it out below along with the original.

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