Cool Videos: Every perfectly symmetrical shot Wes Anderson has directed

Wes Anderson is a very deliberate filmmaker. The way he shoots every one of his films is consistent despite running the gamut from drama and comedy all the way to animation. You have to admire the craftsmanship and dedication to your style and method. In fact, there are certain trademarks that you can instantly recognize as belonging to Wes Anderson. One such trademark is symmetrical shots.

This video compiles all of the symmetrical shots in every Wes Anderson movie from BOTTLE ROCKET, RUSHMORE, THE DARJEELING LIMITED, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, RUSHMORE, THE LIFE AQUATIC, MOONRISE KINGDOM, and THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX. There are even a few from THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL thrown in. The results are staggeringly clear. I know I missed several of these on my first viewings of the films but now I want to go back and try and spot them on my own.

Whether you love Wes Anderson or not, this is pretty damn cool.

Source: Vulture



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