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Cool Videos: Everything wrong with Gravity featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson


By now you have become familiar with the CinemaSins series of videos that nitpick and mock major film releases. Often times they are funny while there are occassions where we all have groaned at their comments. As someone whose writing gets regularly ripped, I feel for the guys. But, I am a good sport and enjoy their products.

Their latest video entails everything wrong with Alfonso Cuaron's award-winning movie GRAVITY. Now, before you click away and assume this is just any other video, this edition of the series has a special guest in renowned scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson is an awesome Twitter follow with his consistently hilarious tweets about science, but the man is also a big movie fan. He tore apart GRAVITY's accuracy to science even though he says he liked the movie.

Combining Tyson's scientific knowledge and the geek prowess of the CinemaSins crew, GRAVITY didn't stand a chance.

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