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Cool Videos: Everything wrong with Looper in 3 minutes


There is no way to make a perfect time travel movie because of the paradox inherent in time travel. Look at every movie that features some sort of travel through time and there is bound to be some sort of hole in the logic or plot that the filmmakers missed. It is those of us on the internet that nitpick and scour those movies for errors in continuity. But, we do it because we care.

LOOPER is the latest victim of the guys over at CinemaSins. While I loved LOOPER, there are several actual issues with the film raised in this video that I didn't spot before. While I am intelligent enough to take this under consideration, it does not alter my appreciation for Rian Johnson's clever movie.

So, sit back and prepare to laugh because this may be the funniest CinemaSins yet.

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