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Cool Videos: Experience awkward viewing in these hilarious HBO GO ads


HBO has long been an envelope pushing network when it comes to violence and nudity, but in recent years shows like GIRLS and GAME OF THRONES have taken things to a new level we didn't even see on shows like DEADWOOD or SEX AND THE CITY. Parodies have made HBO look like borderline porn, but now the network is embracing it for these new ads touting their streaming service, HBO GO.

Using some key moments from GAME OF THRONES, including the infamous sex scene from the pilot between Cersei and Jamie along with an, ahem, awkward moment from GIRLS, HBO puts some young people in close proximity to their parents that they would otherwise not want to be in. The results are pretty damn funny. Check out a couple of the ads below and head over to HBO's YouTube channel for the rest.

GAME OF THRONES airs Sundays on HBO.

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