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Cool Videos: Trailer for fan made short based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is developing a feature film based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, but apparently there's also another Sandman project in the works as well. It's a fan made short called Hope in the Abyss from director/producer André Kirkman, and it's being funded through Kickstarter. A trailer/promo video has been released for the short, and it actually looks pretty cool.

From Kickstarter:

Hope in the Abyss is a ten-minute Sandman fan film, created by an incredible team of film professionals who love the world that Neil Gaiman built, Hope in the Abyss will be shot with a combination of 5K RED live action footage, custom-built miniatures and puppets (see their works in Coraline), VFX from a team with credits on Man of Steel, King Kong, Return of the King, Alice in Wonderland, and Coraline, special make up effects by Christina Kortum (Grimm, Leverage), the editor of SyFy’s Z Nation, and the producers of JourneyQuest, Gamers, plus Emmy-winning and Academy Award nominated films.

Are you interested in seeing the short after checking out this video for Hope in the Abyss?



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