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Cool Videos: Fanmade trailer for The Warriors remake comes out to play!


Based on Walter Hill's classic 1979 cult film, THE WARRIORS, director Ram Bhat has made a self-funded pitch trailer for a new version of the film and it's a really stellar slice of nostalgia. Tacking on all the motifs of the original with a more sleek and refined look, the trailer is dialogue free, but packs a visual punch. It's one of the rare times when an homage works exceptionally well and it's a pleasure to watch it take shape. Featuring your fan-favorite gangs of The Warriors, The Turnbull AC's, Furies, Orphans, Punks, and of course, The Lizzies, this is some slick retro video. Check out the trailer and accompanying art for the pitch trailer below.

Come out and play-yaaayyyy:

Find out more about THE WARRIORS pitch trailer here!

Extra Tidbit: Would you still like to see a remake of The Warriors?
Source: Ram Bhat



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