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Cool Videos: Fast Motion Sequences In Film


Here’s a very cool video compilation of movies using fast or speeded up motion, just what you needed to watch before bedtime. The video was made by Leigh Singer and he has certainly made a fun game of “name that movie”, albeit unintentionally.

My favorite sequence shown in the video comes from CITY OF GOD. I remember watching that movie in awe as I’m sure many of you did; it’s a classic scene and I’m glad it made it. The fast motion effect has become more popular in recent years, I can say that it works at times (the GARDEN STATE drug scene) and fails at times (FUNNY GAMES).

The list of movies used can be found on his main page, so no cheating until you have watched it, agreed?

How do you guys feel about the use of fast motion in film?

Extra Tidbit: The music you hear is from Gioachino Rossini's William Tell Overture.
Source: Leigh Singer



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