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Cool Videos: First Star Wars spinoff movie trailer "Yody" from team Coco


As we continue to ride the STAR WARS rumor superhighway, it turns out that they've been secretly in production on the first spinoff film, called YODY.  Those Lucasfilm guys are some sneaky cats!  Leave it to Team Coco to come up with a great riff on the news that Disney/Lucasfilm would be making spinoffs of the STAR WARS franchise.  This spoof shows our dearly beloved Yoda on a journey to being a star football player in an obvious take on the Sean Astin starrer, RUDY.  In many ways, this serves as a metaphor for what could be a really bad idea if they "Anakin-up" any of these proposed spinoffs.  Mostly, it's just really stupid funny. 


STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is slated for sometime in 2015, while the real spin-offs are still being closely guarded.  You can catch Conan O'Brien weeknights at 10/11c on TBS.

Extra Tidbit: I am hoping for a Boba Fett and Han Solo trailer from Team Coco next.
Source: Conan O'Brien



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