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Cool Videos: Fun full trailer for fan-made Nightwing web series


Earlier this year we got a first look at Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le's Nightwing: The Series, and now a full trailer has been released for their upcoming fan-made web series. Shepherd and Le funded the project through Kickstarter, and I'm pretty impressed with what they've done with such a small budget.

We already know the villain Deathstroke will also be featured in the three part web-series, and it looks like there will be a few other characters from the DC comics appearing in Nightwing: The Series as well.

Check it out:

From Kickstarter:

Nightwing: The Series is a non-profit, 3 part mini-series that follows the adventures of Batman's ex-sidekick, Robin. After a falling out with his former mentor, Dick Grayson aka Robin leaves Gotham City in order to create his own identity in the city of Bludhaven. The series will delve a bit into Nightwing's origins and flesh out the character.

Nightwing: The Series will premiere on September 29, 2014.

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