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Cool Videos: Game of Thrones bloopers & new cast members for season 5


We seem to forget that behind the madness and pure episodic torture that Game of Thrones provides is a cast of human actors. To watch a blooper reel from this show is a little strange; almost like running into a teacher outside of school, an uneasy feeling right? Even the cruelest characters seem to enjoy a good stitch up on set; who knew the Lannisters had souls.

At the San Diego Comic-Con today, the Game of Thrones panel unveiled a blooper reel from the past season and it’s definitely worth a watch:

Also today, HBO announced several new cast members for Game of Thrones Season 5 - most notably key members from House Martell of Dorne. It was announced during a special casting video shown to fans attending the big Q&A panel.

Here's the video introducing the new players:

Source: HBO



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