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Cool Videos: Gary Busey takes a moment to discuss Hobbits


I consider Gary Busey to be a mad genius. I'M WITH BUSEY was one of the greatest gifts to television. There's this honesty that comes out of Busey that just makes everything he waxes philosophically about utterly amazing. The explanations that he gives for a given subject house the craziest answers I have ever heard. How is this guy real?

Until now, I had no clue that Busey had his own webshow called THE BUSEY ZONE (clever). You can submit questions for the actor to answer. On Sunday, Busey talked about Hobbits and their male/female apparatuses(???LOL). There's no real way to explain what I just heard so take a listen below. I love that serious tone he gets.

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Bonus: One of my favorite moments from I'M WITH BUSEY.

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