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Cool Videos: Get witch or die tryin' with the trailer for Malefiftycent


Man, late night talk shows are on a roll these days. Between Kimmel and Fallon, the two Jimmys are killing it with hilarious spoofs featuring celebrities in all shapes and sizes. But, with the ridiculous videos out there on the internet, I still never expected to see this crossover.

Rapper 50 Cent stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about his upcoming movie that he did with Disney and how huge it was going to be. Of course it was a bit and we got to see the teaser for MALEFICENT starring Curtis Jackson himself. It was pretty cool of Fitty to submit to such a silly bit in the name of a laugh and he even gets in a little jab at himself saying this one will be so big it won't just go to Redbox.

MALEFICENT is now playing.

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