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I may be a bit biased in my love for this, because I am a devout Playstation 3 fanboy.  Sure, I've had plenty of fun with each and every system since the Sega Genesis, but my heart has always truly lain with Sony's Playstation brand. 

And one of the very best franchises to make the Playstation its home is undoubtably that of GOD OF WAR.  The games have uniformly been spectactular, full of mythological creatures and terrible traps and bloody deaths and heart-stopping set pieces and inventive action sequences all bound up in a series of heartbreaking trials and tribulations that are very human at their core. 

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Because for all his slaying of gods, monsters and Titans, anti-hero Kratos is fundamentally a man full of such depth of sorrow that he knows no way to deal with it but to explode with fury.  And by "explode with fury" I of course mean "rip everyone the f*** up."  Which leads me to today's teaser trailer for a new PS3 entry in the series entitled GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION.

Now this is how to wake up in the morning:

Oh, and Todd Papy (game director on GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION) says to check out the Playstation Blog and GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION on Facebook this Monday the 30th at 8am Pacific Time for a live-stream event.  They'll be answering tweeted questions and everything - you can check out all the details here.

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Extra Tidbit: Favorite GOD OF WAR game? I have to go with GOD OF WAR II. The same thing with the Uncharted series as with GOW - they tried to go even bigger, and in the process compromised some of the adventure and wonder of it all. Still great games, of course.



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