Cool Videos: Goodbye Shanghai

We pretty much run the gamut when it comes to the 'Cool Videos' we feature here from day to day. Oftentimes they're trifles or silly bits. Sometimes they're hilarious things and sometimes they're educational. And sometimes, we'll feature the works of filmmakers, both amateur and professional, looking for more exposure or another outlet to have their works put on display for people like you to consume, discuss, and enjoy. GOODBYE SHANGHAI, from writer/director/JoBlo.com fan Adam Christian Clark, is one of those works. This one particularly goes out to the budding filmmakers in the audience. Check it out!

Synopsis: While embezzling $14 billion from a Chinese bank for the US government, two Western bankers grab $15 million in cash for themselves. They store it in an upright bass case and wander the streets of Shanghai, waiting for their morning departure. When the more experienced of the two insists they spend their last night partying in a local club, the night takes a wild turn. Goodbye Shanghai explores the negative effects of Western imperialism on modern Chinese culture.

If you see a cool video online you think would be perfect for this spotlight, drop us a line at [email protected].

Extra Tidbit: In order to get the film developed, out of China, and safely into the U.S. due to that country's stringent censorship laws, writer/director Clark and his project went incognito as a watch commercial production.



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