Cool Videos: Grand Theft Auto V remakes the Terminator 2 Chase Scene

Some YouTube users just go above and beyond don’t they? Case in point user John Chapman who put his creativity to work with Grand Theft Auto V and recreated the dirt bike and motorcycle chase scene from TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. It's an incredible accomplishment when you think of the time and patience one would need in order to do this. Don’t be cynical, just enjoy it.

I've owned the game since its release and I have yet to master the dog training let alone know how to re-create an entire movie scene. I included the original scene from the movie as well so you can mute one and watch them together like I did. Also, before you start to point out missed opportunities, Chapman says in his description: “Yes I may have missed some small scenes but damn we worked hard on this from the actual setting up, to the directing, to the editing so please give it a look.”

Extra Tidbit: The original script did not call for the top of the truck to be ripped off during the chase, but when they arrived on location they found that the cab wouldn't fit under the overpass so director James Cameron decided that the roof was coming off.
Source: YouTube



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