Cool Videos: Hakuna Matata! Honest Trailer for Disney's The Lion King

It's been 20 years this week since THE LION KING was first released into theaters, and to mark the occasion Screen Junkies has created a very funny Honest Trailer for the classic animated Disney movie.

What issues could the Screen Junkies guys possibly have with THE LION KING? Well they think Simba's a little too obnoxious, the film is pretty dark for a children's movie and they're a little confused as to why all of the African animals don't sound like they're from Africa. They've also created new versions of a few of the classic songs from THE LION KING.

In my opinion though, they should have done an Honest Trailer for THE LION KING video game. That shit was hard.

"The most dramatic death of a parent since Bambi's mom got shot in the face."

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Source: Screen Junkies



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