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Cool Videos: Harrison Ford plays Uncharted 3


There's something very compelling about this video, which is just a six minute clip of Harrison Ford playing Uncharted 3. It’s a Japanese commercial for the game, but one that takes an unusual approach.

They simply found Indiana Jones, sat him down, and had him play the video game inspired by him, just to see his reaction. And you know what? He loves it. Sure, he could be mugging for the camera and the paycheck, but I doubt it, because if you’ve seen interviews with Ford, you know he’s a straight shooter, and these reactions don’t seem manufactured.

It’s just cool to see an iconic action hero play a game inspired by his earlier work, and enjoy doing so. Nathan Drake might be no Indiana, but these games can be incredibly exciting and fun the way those old Indy films used to be.

Extra Tidbit: Someone has got to tell him to get rid of that earring.
Source: JoBlo.com



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