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Cool Videos: Hear Vin Diesel say I Am Groot in five different languages


While Vin Diesel says he recorded the single line of dialogue "I am Groot" thousands of times for his role in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, he didn't share that he also recorded it in multiple languages. The latest international TV spots for the Marvel space opera show the same collection of scenes we have become accustomed to along with a new closing shot of Diesel in studio recording his single line in Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Russian and Latin American Spanish. A few of those spots have now shown up online.

As many of you are already aware, the international film market is a very big one for Hollywood these days. Several films have showcased location shooting in China and a lot of films have post-converted to 3D to appease the Asian and European audiences that love the format. Vin Diesel is a huge star overseas so having him as the sole actor from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to voice himself in these international variations is a pretty nice little bonus for fans who don't go for subtitles with their superhero flicks.

Check out the videos below. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY opens this Friday.

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