Cool Videos: Here is what Star Wars could look like if directed by Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Kevin Smith, and more!

It may seem like every other story these days is about STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. Well, it is one of the biggest movie stories of all time and with the fervent league of fans of the franchise, you can imagine the desire to learn about the first movies in the series outside of George Lucas' direction.

Now that we know Michael Arndt is writing, the next big revelation will have to be the director. With names flying around from every corner of Hollywood from the mainstream (Steven Spielberg) to the indie (Colin Trevorrow), the internet is abuzz with speculation. Everyone's favorite late night nerd, Conan O'Brien, has taken it upon himself to imagine what STAR WARS: EPISODE VII may look like if directed by one of the many names we have been hearing about, and a few out of left field contenders.

Check out the hilarious re-imaginings below.

Source: Team CoCo



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