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Cool Videos: Hilarious trailer for Rob Ford: The Movie starring Chris Farley


I know there's already been one video this week of Chris Farley and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but I absolutely had to share this incredibly funny trailer for Rob Ford: The Movie starring the late comedian. The trailer uses clips from films that featured Chris Farley such as TOMMY BOY, BLACK SHEEP and DIRTY WORK, and it's a little creepy how well they work in this fake trailer for a movie about the politician. It also "stars" Brian Dennehy as Doug Ford, Rob Lowe as Alexander Lisi and...Robert De Niro as Police Chief Bill Blair? Where'd he come from? Anyway, enjoy this trailer for Rob Ford: The Movie.

"He must be all hopped up on crack cocaine!"

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Extra Tidbit: Anyone else think DIRTY WORK is underrated?
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