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Cool Videos: Honest Trailers bites Forrest Gump right in the buttocks


FORREST GUMP is getting an IMAX re-release for its 20th anniversary, but Screen Junkies likes to celebrate things like this a little differently. They've released an Honest Trailer for the Robert Zemeckis film, and comment on one of the biggest issues I have always had with the film: Jenny. Yeah, she didn't have the best childhood, but she that's no excuse for being a pretty awful human being. She's kind of a user, and I'm not just talking about how much she enjoys narcotics.

That's not the only problem they have with the Oscar winning film though, so open up a box of chocolates, and check out this Honest Trailer for FORREST GUMP.

Seriously, why doesn't anyone recognize Forrest Gump?

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Source: Screen Junkies



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