Cool Videos: Honest Trailers does the original Robocop!

As we prepare to witness how a remade ROBOCOP plays on the big screen, the folks at Screen Junkies have used their Honest Trailers venue to remind us of the awesome that is the original Paul Verhoeven film. The 1987 sci-fi actioner starred Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Kurtwood Smith, Ronny Cox, and Miguel Ferrer and featured, as outlined in the Honest Trailer, some of the best one-liners and blood-soaked violence ever put to film. For many of us here, the original ROBOCOP is a staple of our childhood (man, what does that say about our childhood,eh?) and has certainly created a gap in acceptance of any kind of remake. So, sit back and enjoy trailer voice guy narrate your way through a classic as we prepare to see it reimagined on the big screen.

I'd buy this for a dollar:

The ROBOCOP remake hits theaters on February 12, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: How many of you saw this in the theater when it originally came out? True story, I was ten and my grandparents took me. And they loved it. There's a reason I'm a film geek.
Source: Screen Junkies



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