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Cool Videos: Honest Trailers flies into the Danger Zone with Top Gun


With Tom Cruise's EDGE OF TOMORROW arriving in theaters this week, Screen Junkies has felt the need...the need for a TOP GUN Honest Trailer. The Screen Junkies guys point out a few of the things they find a little silly about the Tony Scott film in their latest Honest Trailer, and you can probably guess what a few of those items might be. Beach volleyball? Check. Homosexual undertones? Check. Overuse of Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone"? Oh yeah, big ol' check for that one.

So before you go see EDGE OF TOMORROW, check out the Honest Trailer for the film that launched Tom Cruise's career as an action movie star.

America, f*ck yeah!

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Extra Tidbit: Great, now I'm going to have "Danger Zone" stuck in my head all day.
Source: Screen Junkies



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