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Cool Videos: Honest Trailers tears down Emmerich's Godzilla


Buzz is at an all time high for Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA and from what I hear, it's for good reason.  However, there was another time when the hype machine was turned on full blast in preparation for the King of the Monsters, and that was back in 1998.  It's good to temper expectations, but if you were thinking about revisiting Roland Emmerich's Godzilla . . . allow me to give you some advice: think again.  Instead, enjoy another solid Honest Trailers entry, and remind yourself of why this movie need not exist, except for the sole purpose of making fun of it.

Have a look:

The good news is that there really is only one way to go from here, and that's way up.  Thankfully the wait is all but over as GODZILLA will storm into theaters this friday, and hopefully stomp out those bad memories of Ferris Bueller vrs baby 'Zillas.

Source: Honest Trailers



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