Cool Videos: How Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins should have ended

While THE DARK KNIGHT gets most of the love from fanboys and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES gets all the hate, I feel like sometimes people forget about BATMAN BEGINS. Personally I think it's the best live-action portrayal of the vigilante, but even I had to laugh a few times while watching How It Should Have Ended's latest video for Christopher Nolan's first Batman film.

In their new video, HISHE has some fun with a couple of scenes from BATMAN BEGINS, including Batman saving Ducard from sliding down a mountain, and Batman's final face-off with Ra's al Ghuls on the train towards the end of the film. But the funniest moment in the video might be a terrifying cameo after the credits, which I won't spoil for you here. Let's just say it involves a young actor who appeared in BATMAN BEGINS, and now plays one of the most hated characters currently on television.

"Oh yeah, this is also my Dad's train."

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Source: Youtube



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