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Cool Videos: How It Should Have Ended: Iron Man 3


Although you wouldn't know it from the box office, IRON MAN 3 has become one of the most devisive superhero films to date, due largely to the treatment of the film's villains, the loose rendition of Warren Ellis' Extremis storyline, and the controversial ending. Personally, I stand on the more favorable side of IRON MAN 3, but totally get the grievances that many fans have. Apparently, so did the folks at How It Should Have Ended, who have created a nice little animated alternative to help vent those frustrations. I never made THE INCREDIBLES connection until seeing this, but it's still a very flimsy connection. I think a lot of the vitriol for the film is unwarranted, but if you're one of the many who felt slighted, then this is for you.

Sayeth Whaaaaat?:

IRON MAN 3 is currently in theaters.

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