Cool Videos: How Man of Steel Should Have Ended

The reviews for MAN OF STEEL were definitely mixed, and at times rather extreme. One minute I'd see someone post that they "freaking loved it" and then someone would say it was "complete and absolute garbage". I have a friend who has seen it 4 times now. One major complaint I heard was that the story was kind of a mess, and that Henry Cavill didn't have much personality. But what about the end?

Another "How it should have ended" has landed online and this time it's for MAN OF STEEL. I didn't have any issues with the ending personally. But for the sake of comedy, "How it should have ended" has another take on the finale. There's also some phallic shapes in there. Just watch. I also just want you guys to know that I did a Google image search for "penis ships in MAN OF STEEL". I got nothing, but I know you know what I'm talking about.

Now I'm going to walk around saying, "MAH SPACE DAD!"

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Source: YouTube



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