Cool Videos: James Cameron and the Mythbusters guys take on Titanic

One of my biggest peeves with TITANIC is the scene where Rose lets go of Jack's hand. I understand that she meant she would never let go of him, emotionally, but still. She literally lets go of him mere minutes (in movie time) after saying she never would. It just smacked of poor timing and editing to me and has always been a laughable scene.

Well, it looks like I am not the only one who thought the scene could have played out differently. Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters are going to tackle whether Jack could have survived along with Rose on that wooden plank and they will have a very special guest star: James Cameron himself.

From Entertainment Weekly comes this clip from the upcoming episode, which airs on October 7th on TLC.

From EW: Cameron himself appears in the episode, explaining that rereleasing the film in 3D reignited the heated debate and he’d like to know whether he or the fans are right, and providing key information for the experiments. Adam and Jamie have to test whether the board could have supported both Jack and Rose until they were rescued (you don’t want to miss “Jack Savage” and “Rose Hyneman” in the water), but also whether Jack and Rose would have died from hypothermia regardless. In our exclusive clip below, Adam and Jamie prepare for the latter test — which will involve ThermoMan, a dummy Jamie creates with gelatin flesh and a heated copper cardiovascular system that is rigged to monitor body temperature. ThermoMan doesn’t make the clip, but trust us, Adam is right when he describes him as “creepy, and upsetting, and awesome all at the same time.”

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