Cool Videos: Jay-Z short documentary NY-Z

I'll try to avoid getting too far into hyperbole here in this article but I'll say that I think we, as a society, are not fully appreciating the genius of Jay-Z. This may seem an odd statement for a guy who gets to hang out in Barack Obama's Situation Room and owns (or partly owns) a major NBA franchise but that's all stuff that has more to do with his celebrity. And I'm not really concerned with all that. Listen to the music. My man's the hip-hop Bruce Springsteen (and that's high praise coming from a New Jerseyan). When too many rap stars fizzle out after their sophomore effort, Jay is still bringing it a good 14 years after his debut.

What does this have to do with movies? A documentary crew followed Jay-Z last year in preparation for his one-off September 11th concert at Madison Square Garden. The set list reads like a greatest hits record and the guest stars could probably sell out MSG in their own right. The full short documentary, "NY-Z" is online now and you can watch it below.

Extra Tidbit: Jay-Z got his name from the intersection of the J and the Z subway lines in Brooklyn.
Source: JoBlo.com



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