Cool Videos: Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney for one very specific reason

With just about a week until the Presidential election here in the States, the candidates are getting their final endorsements lined up for that final campaign push that will lead one to the White House and the other to wallow in failure.

There is no question that Hollywood tends to lean in a more liberal direction, but did you know that Joss Whedon has endorsed Mitt Romney for President? You heard right, folks. The director of THE AVENGERS and the creator of FIREFLY and BUFFY has thrown his support behind Romney for one specific reason.

The Zombie Apocalypse!

You have to admit, that was funny. Topical and zombie related, just in time for Halloween!

In all seriousness, elections are important. Regardless of where you live, you should vote. Make sure to voice your opinion because it truly does matter. Whether it is for a local candidate or national candidates, one of the great things about being in a democracy is having your voice heard. If you think yours won't impact who the next President will be, just realize that when you elect a local official or state Senator, that person may one day end up in the White House. And like Joss Whedon said, we need to be prepared for the worst, so stock up on canned goods!

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