Cool Videos: Keanu becomes Cera in Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix trilogy

Okay, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD may not have done as well as hoped at the box-office, but who cares?! (The studio might...but eff 'em)

This cool video mashes up the powers of Neo, Scott Pilgrim, The Matrix, and The World. Why didn't we think of the idea to combine these things? The battle of the bands takes place in Zion, Cypher channels his inner Walls Wells, and Agent Smith is the baddest evil ex of all. Also, something tells me those twins will be a little more difficult to defeat than the two in SCOTT PILGRIM.

There's just so much win here.

Here's the description for the mash-up given by it's maker, AEMovieGuy:

"Once upon a time, while serving as battery fodder for machines who've imprisoned the human race to a cyber reality, Scott Neo Pilgrim met his dreamgirl, Ramona Trinity Flowers, at a Canadian collegian party for 30-year-old drug and prostitution ringers. Upon being freed from The Matrix, Pilgrim seeks out Miss Flowers, oblivious to the fact that Morphew Patel, the very man who took Pilgrim in, is an ex-boyfriend of hers. Enraged after seeing Pilgrim and Flowers getting flirtatious at the yearly Zion Stock, Patel challenges Pilgrim to a dojo duel for Flower's hand. Following a narrow victory over Patel, Pilgrim has earned his trust and an explanation: Miss Flowers has Seven Evil Exes that Pilgrim must defeat to prove his heart muscle...but, hey, they can make out!"

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Extra Tidbit: The "Whoa" part is my favorite. "Gets it"
Source: Youtube/Film



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