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Cool Videos: KFC and Game of Thrones join forces


Iím assuming that most of you have already seen the first episode of season four of GAME OF THRONES by now. If you havenít seen it, thatís totally fine, and you can come back on over to this article once youíve checked it out. But if you like to live dangerously then go ahead and continue on with me.

As soon as the first episode was over, fans flocked to social media to post about one of the best scenes of the series so far, or at least one of the most comical dialogue exchanges. The Hound gets what the Hound wants. In this case it was chicken.

Jimmy Kimmel took this opportunity to make a spoof commercial for KFC containing the hilarious scene. Iíd buy that GAME OF THRONES bucket of chicken dragon grilled for a dollar!

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